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Endorsement from the "Cornerstone Policy Research Group"

 "I am honored to have received an Early Endorsement from  the Cornerstone Policy Research Group.

— Cornerstone Policy Research

Endorsement from New Hampshire State Senator "Kevin Avard"


 Dear Ward 3 Voter:

I am writing to encourage you to support Paul Berube for State Representative in Nashua Ward 3. 

For those of you that do not know Paul, let me tell you a bit about him and why I think he would make an excellent State Representative. Paul is a pastor at the Gate City Church in Nashua. He is a US Air Force Veteran and the former NH Drug Czar under Governor Benson. 

Paul has been a true community leader in Nashua for over 40 years. He has helped thousands of people through his ministry. One of the focuses of his work has been on combating human trafficking around the world, especially in third world countries, but also here in New Hampshire.  

Paul is a Ronald Reagan-Conservative and someone that we can trust to uphold our values. He will vote against any higher taxes, fight to end the opioid crisis and work to improve education for our children here in Nashua.

I have represented Nashua as both a State Representative and now State Senator, and I know the kind of leader that makes effective change in Concord. Paul is that kind of leader and I look forward to working with him to create a better city and a better state for Granite State families.

On September 13th in the Republican Primary and again on November 8th in the General Election, I encourage you to vote Paul Berube for State Representative.


Thank you,

Kevin Avard

NH State Senator 


— Kevin Avard
NH State Senator

Endorsement from New Hampshire U.S. Senate Candidate "Don Bolduc"

"We need public servants that will dedicate themselves to the people.  We need public servants that will bring the values of God, family, community and country back into our government.  Pastor Paul will ensure the future of our children and grandchildren is protected."  


Don Bolduc

Brigadier General (Retired)

— Don Bolduc
Retired Brigadier General

Endorsement from former New Hampshire State Senator "James Luther"

Dear Ward 3 Voter:

I am heartily endorsing Paul Berube for State Representative for Nashua Ward 3.  I have known Paul for close to thirty years and have worked with him and seen him in all sorts of environments.  He is a man of character and service.  The focus of his energy has been to serve Greater Nashua and the State.  He has expended tremendous effort to help and serve immigrants in Nashua.  The city is a better place because of this man.  Paul proudly served in the Air Force and responded to Governor Benson’s call to be part of the New Hampshire Drug Task Force where he made a significant impact.  He is a man who has endeavored to know and respond to the needs of greater Nashua in his numerous roles in the community.  You will not regret your vote for him on November 8th.


Jim Luther

Former New Hampshire State Senator

— James Luther
Former New Hampshire State Senator

Committee to Elect Paul Berube
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