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 I strongly believe in the Sanctity of Human Life and am decidedly "Pro-Life"


I am a strong Constitutionalist who would guard both the U.S. and State of New Hampshire Constitutions

Covid Pandemic

Though New Hampshire did some things right during the Covid Pandemic, there were certainly areas that could be improved upon.  My hope would be to appreciate what we did right and learn from what could have been done better.

Drug Epidemic - As a former State of NH Drug Czar I believe:

  • We need do more than provide clean needles and Narcan.  
  • We need to curb the flow of Fentanyl into our state.
  • We need to develop and support more Recovery Programs that foster healthy resets 

Education / Safe Schools

I would push for New Hampshire to consider funding measures that would make our schools (public and private) safe for our children and educators.  I would recommend we emulate the Israeli model that has been used to ensure School Safety throughout the State of Israel.

Education /School Choice

As a former Educator (20 years) I understand the merit of School Choice for every NH family.  Every New Hampshire household should have access to the school of their choice.

Election Integrity

Citizens on both sides of the aisle have questioned "Election Integrity" during the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.  Efforts should be made to safeguard our election process that true results are established regardless of Party Affiliation.

Fiscal Responsibility 

I would be committed to helping New Hampshire continue to maintain 'Fiscal Responsibility"

My desire would be to balance the budget and direct those who control the "purse strings" to live within their means.

Law Enforcement

I would actively resist efforts that look to defund Law Enforcement in our City and State.

Parental Rights

Alarming trends have emerged in recent years challenging Parental Rights of Notification.

I would work at helping parents maintain their rightful voice in the lives of their children. 

Taxes (State Income Tax)

I would strongly oppose efforts to add a New Hampshire State Income Tax



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